Science and the 60’s!

This week, the homeless children at LifeMoves | Haven Family House are taking it old school with “Science Week”! To accompany the weekly theme, their project was to create lava lamps to learn about density and reactions. Using every day materials such as water bottles, oil, glitter, alka seltzer, and food coloring, the kids were astounded that something so amazing could be created from such simple materials. According to the camp counselors, campers were excited to go home to show their parents their new creation – and even teach their parents a science lesson or two.

Oooo ahhhh lava lamps are fascinating!


Camper proudly displaying his lava lamp!


Quietly admiring his new creation 🙂


It’s Pizza Time for Our Campers!

Who doesn’t love pizza! This week, our campers at LifeMoves | Opportunity Services Center had the chance to tour Pizza My Heart in Los Altos and learn how to make their very own pizzas. Campers LOVED trying to catch their very own pizza dough in the air – it looked easier than it really is for many kids!


Campers creating their own pizzas!


Multiple campers trying to catch thrown pizza dough


Extra sauce? Yes please!

Once the dough was prepped and ready to go, employee Andy, showed the kids step by step instructions on how to make the very best pizza, starting with the ring of sauce, and then most importantly the cheese. The finishing touch is to add more sauce on top of the cheese, yum! This step ensures none of the toppings slide off while enjoying!  Who knew? Safe to say, the kids left with full bellies and a deeper appreciation – and love – for pizza.

Game Time at Levi’s Stadium!

What would it be like to enjoy a day at Levi’s Stadium? If you have no idea, ask our campers at LifeMoves | First Step for Families!
Yesterday, the 49ers staff generously donated their venue and time to set-up fun games for our campers, including a bouncy twister, water balloon slingshots, a dunk tank, and relay races. The campers really enjoyed running around and playing at all the stations. While on the bouncy twister, they were trying to see who could jump the highest. They were jumping so high that it seemed as if they could touch the sky!

Aside from the games, the campers also had the opportunity to try on 49ers jerseys – they were SO small compared to the football player’s jerseys. They could barely see their feet. Overall, our campers had an exciting day filled with lots of laughs, sun and energy – they’re looking forward to their next field trip. 


Fun fun fun on the bouncy twister!


Small body, large jersey!


Two of our campers enjoying their day at Levi’s Stadium

Delving into the Roots of Science!

Science surrounds our daily life. Concepts can range anywhere from the anatomy of animals and humans to differentiating between trees. The weekly theme for our campers at LifeMoves | Opportunity Services Center is none other than science! The campers at OSC went to Huddart Park on Wednesday for a hike. While trailing through the woods, they obtained a lot of facts about different trees, such as the Redwood and Douglas Fir. The campers learned several rhymes about nature such as “leaves of three, let it be” and “leaves are hairy, it’s a berry!” During the hike, they looked for turret spider homes and smelled bay leaves. Before they left the park, they had the opportunity to look at some animal skulls and nests by the picnic tables.

On the way back from the park, the kids were excited to share what they learned. A couple of them even tried talking over each other to prove how much information they knew! I guess you can say that the information they learned really rooted itself into the minds of our campers.


Our campers looking at different bird nests.


Getting Ohlone Native American tattoos!


The guide showing our campers how several Redwood trees were cut down to make homes for individuals during the Gold Rush

image (1)

Beautiful crowns for beautiful Royals


Show us your powers, superhero!

image (2)

Another beautiful Royal

Wouldn’t it be cool to be whoever you wanted to be? What if you could be your favorite superhero and fight villains 24/7? What if you could be Sherlock Holmes and solve any investigative case? We thought that, considering that this week is Performing Arts week for our kids at LifeMoves | Haven Family House, it would be an amazing opportunity to have our kids make their own costumes! We gave the kids a wide variety of materials, such as cloth, construction paper, and sparkly jewels, to make their costumes. From there, the kids had free reign to let their imaginations run wild! Our site was rampant with all types of characters, ranging from elves to royals. Overall, it was great seeing all of their smiling faces as they reenacted  their particular character’s superhero powers or royal curtsies. 🙂 We believe that our kids can be whoever they want to be. The first move always begins with a dream.

Let’s Go Green!

This week is Green Week for our campers at LifeMoves | Villa. To start off their week, they learned about seed germination, the process by which plants grow from the seed, by placing beans and a wet napkin into a zip lock bag. The campers then placed the bags underneath the sun to await the fruits of their labor. For the rest of the week, they will be writing observations in their journal. If they did not know that patience is a virtue, they will now!

The rest of the day was spent playing board games as well as Twister. The kids had a lot of fun playing Twister because they had the opportunity to show off their gymnastic skills through extending their arms and legs to reach a desired color. It was definitely interesting to see all of the dynamic poses! We look forward to seeing what fun activities will sprout from the minds of our camp directors and camp counselors as this week continues.


Learning about germination 🙂


Beans and wet napkin in a zip lock bag


Twister fun!



Summer Campers Enjoy Innovation and Technology!

Yesterday was a great day to learn about innovation and technology! The homeless kids at LifeMoves | First Step for Families enjoyed learning about cryptography, cyber security satellites, and plate tectonics. The different exhibits of the Tech museum provided a wide array of mixed learning opportunities and engaging tactile displays that appealed to both the older and younger kids. The volunteer camp counselors could definitely see the excitement exhibited through the gaping mouths, employed hands, and fascinated eyes. We must say that we have never heard more “Ooooo” and “Ahhhh’s” before today!


Ready for a day at the Tech Museum!


Who knew learning could be so fun?


Holding the key to success!